Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bounty Hunter screening

As a lawyer, I am still asking myself why we still have no bounty hunter in Malaysia. Thanks to Adverlets who held a screening last Tuesday for bloggers, I managed to see a movie on just that subject.

Some say the story and the movie is lame but I beg to differ as the movie managed to dispel a few cliche. You have to see the end of the movie to see that one of the suspected bad guy is not a bad guy at all but was just investigating the case. And as he is a friend of the hero and heroine, it dispel the cliche of best friend are always the bad guy, which happen in a lot of movies nowadays. If in yesteryear, it was always the butler who did it, in movie nowadays, it was always the best friend who did it.

Spoiler Alert

The movie storyline is about a corruption scheme which the character Jennifer Aniston is investigating and then due to a mishap that she was involved earlier, in which she decided to get into a fight with a cop, she had to appear in front of a judge. When she didn't, due to an urgent phone call, the judge whom she was supposed to appear issued a warrant for her arrest and in good old America, a warrant can be executed by a bounty hunter. And that bounty hunter is to be Gerard Butler.

I mentioned to a friend a few days ago, Gerard Butler seem to be teaching men to be bad to their women and they will usually get their women in the end. I know he's handsome and all (to the womenfolk) but he is a bad influence.

Back to the issue of bounty hunter, wouldn't it be a good profession for the folks in Malaysia? And to get an idea what is this profession called Bounty Hunter is all about, why don't you catch it at the nearest cinema.


  1. Nice show. True also..can be boring if I don't think the way you did. ANd yea..would BOunty Hunter be a acceptable, law-abiding profession?

    Here in Msia, more like "ah long" hor??

    I enjoyed the movie too. Great bod Gerald! AHahah

  2. Bounty hunters are legal professions in my country as long as they're licensed. Some of them make quite a bit of money.