Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Healthier..... Weightier.....

Delicious food that made me weightier
Officially, that mysterious night fever that I have been having is gone. No more waking up like House (the TV series character) checking my temperature wondering why am I sweating while the air condition is on at full blast.

I never really went to a doctor except getting advice from my brother who is 400km away and getting his advice on what to take to get my temperature back to normal. He is a doctor (better know as general practitioner in Malaysia) in Johor Bharu and I rarely get my medicine anywhere else other than him as he dispense quite a lot of them to my parents during his visit to their house. I consider my brother my private medical adviser (which my wife commented very much like Eli Stone and his brother) and as a man who rarely want to go and see a doctor, the arrangement is perfect.

Need to start jogging again

Now that I am cured from whatever malady that I had suffered for nearly a month, I now can say to my wife "See....it work, what...". As if that would settle the argument the next time it happens.

But now, another matter crops up. I managed to get rid of quite a lot of my weight when I was sick. My personal assistant even commented after she came back from a 4-days holiday that she can see how much weight I lost from my trousers being loose. I actually love the feeling.

...and eat as I like only during festive seasons

Now, with no fever and getting my appetite back (which I am very thankful), gaining weight is the problem that I have to face again. Just the normal problem I have been facing all my life. 

Better run around the neighbourhood again every morning....

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  1. I'm glad to know you're feeling better. I understand about having to watch weight. I have the same problem. It gets tough being careful when there's so much good food.