Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am currently in a condition which I hate to experience again.

I am having night fever and the thing about it is, I waited for nearly a week (a normal Standard Operating Procedure for me when I am sick) and finally on Monday, I went to have my blood tested.

Why I straight away ask for a blood test is due to the area where I live which is notorious for it's high dengue fever sufferer and even death.

So, before I even saw the doctor in the nearest hospital to my house (chosen as I have a strong feeling I may be warded), I straight away ask for the blood test.

Thankfully, there is nothing wrong with me.

Except for the fever and an unexceptional WBC count, there is nothing wrong with me. Bloodwise that is. And I was also pronounced healthy on the checks on the normal throat and chest test.

It is a mystery, except for the telling WBC. WBC is actually White Blood Count, which is the warrior in our blood which fights bacteria or virus which may be attacking one part of my body. More by 0.8 percent than the highest 'Normal' count.

So, am still feverish but still going to work. As for social media event, am a bit selective in making my appearance. Did one on Sunday night and no one is the wiser. As it involves eating, it was easy.

Not sure yet what is this 'mystery' illness and am on antibiotic medication now. If that doesn't work, I was warn of being warded.

Which is another new experience altogether.

But, I am really feeling my age now. And thankful for having a caring life partner.

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  1. hoping u speedy recovery. stay kat rumah je kawan.