Monday, March 22, 2010

I travel and I eat...

I have came back from umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (as it is officially known) for nearly more than one week now. I was not feeling too well since I came back but I self-diagnose myself and I think it was too much of good food that I ate.

Here are some of the food that I had the opportunity to savour while I was travelling :

Chicken mendy at one of the wadi (RnR stop) between Jeddah and Madinah

One of our favourite kebab shop in Madinah

Buying dates at the Dates Souk in Madinah

Another stop at another wadi (this time between Madinah and Mekah)

Arab fast food

 ...but it cannot beat the best and cheapest Arab Fast Food : Al-Baik. All that for SR11 (4 pieces of  chickens with fries and bun)

Sheesh kebab. Choose your meat, then grill it...

Topmost : Arabian ice cream; 2nd picture : Choose your camel; 
3rd picture : Camel mendy; 4th picture : Shisha and Mint Tea as dessert

On the final night, I had the ultimate Arabian food, 5kg of rice mendy with one whole lamb on top


  1. Salam. Hope u r better now. Basically u need to 3-4 weeks of simple food such as light soups, porridges,(fish or chicken if u really need to take meat)with lots of fruits and vegetables. We were so sick of lamb mandi, chic mandi etc after Hajj that until now we haven't bought any. The portion for one person is sooooo enormous that it can easily feed 4 people in our family with leftovers. When r u coming again? Next year?

  2. kenapa pak arab hari-hari makan kambing tapi tak kene darah tinggi?