Tuesday, February 24, 2015

India made me wanna blog again

I have left blogging a long time ago. Although occasionally I do write a post or two, they were mostly afterthoughts which sometimes are left in drafts and never published. Most of the drafts are for my property and financial blog : Legal Cat-asthrophe, as I was using it to write my books or to promote my new book.

Being a writer may have made me a bit of a snob. I expect to get something in return for the information I published. Not as if I get paid all the time. When I write articles for magazines or online news portal, the value I get from them is being recognised as an expert on a particular subject. It does bring me business and that is actually enough for me. Although I do crave to be able to command monetary gains for being a blogger, I just didn't have the tenacity to achieve it. In short, I couldn't care less. In fact, I believe, the era of celebrity blogger has long passed. Now it is the era of celebrity instagrammer or Youtuber.

Anyway, this short post is about how I am thinking (not daring enough to say I have returned) to being a blogger as the trip to Delhi for the New Delhi Book Fair 2015 was an experience I couldn't not to tell others about. As I mentioned in my Twitter feed, it was not just a journey, it is an experience.

The people I met, the people I get to have lunch, dinner and supper with, talked to, asked about history of the places I went, were just amazing.

So, let's hope this is not the last entry about India and it will be a starting point for some more jottings....

(next post will have pictures!)

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