Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paradigm shift

We just did an unconventional thing by selling our own home without any discernible rhyme or reason except that the price that was offered was attractive enough for us to sell it. Something which started as another crazy idea became a serious paradigm shift for us. Some friends and even family member couldn't fathom why we did it. Most think moving is something they will never do in their lifetime. My brother who owns a lovely 3-storeys semi-D still lives at his link-house end lot as he hates moving.

We put our house of 7 years on the market as the price was starting to rise in our neighborhood. The toll that I have to pass on the way to the office which cost me around RM2.20 per trip was just one of the bane which I would love to get rid off. We did worry about the cats and how they will adapt at the new place. I actually asked for a ridiculous price for our house with 30% more than the current market price around the area. People made offers and we sat on it for the longest time. 

Goodbye greenery
When someone offered the price lower by just a few thousands than the price I wanted, we actually refused to sell. Until a second offer within the same price-range was offered. We discussed it and accepted the offer with a few caveats. Just to make sure we don't have to move until we are ready, I inserted a clause in the Sale & Purchase Agreement which ensure that we will only move by 1.1.2013.

Now, we need to look for a new house which is a bit nearer to our current offices. Being childless and with flexible working hours, we are doing the house hunting whenever we feel like it. We have actually identified the neighborhood which we consider as the best place to settle down but not the specific house. Offers are being made but we don't want to commit too fast.

The next few months will be very interesting.

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