Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The end of my #365 makan project

In 3 days time, I will finally finish filling up the Facebook albums (3 in all) which shows what I had for lunch. This was my entry on 2nd February last year announcing the project : My #365 makan project

It was supposed to be mostly what I eat in Malaysia. However, I went to Jakarta, Mumbai, and Kazakhstan in 2011. I included a few of the lunches I had there and I managed to experience for the first time eating horsemeat (a bit tough but just as yummy) and horse milk (so very sour like drinking vinegar). Some food I ate during lunch like apple, bread and junk food are in the album too. I think I only had one or two buffets. And I relearned how to appreciate rice. How I ate rice the whole year of 2011. Basmathi, briyani and white rice. My rice album is here.

If you are curious what I eat the whole year of 2011 and certain part of 2012, just see these albums on Facebook :

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