Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My #365 makan project

I think I eat a lot. Everywhere I go, whether I plan it beforehand or not, I always eat something. Or try something new. Not that I am THAT adventurous. I don't even eat durian, which is the ultimate disgusting smelly fruit to any Asian but a delicacy nonetheless. I didn't eat a few other things like budu, cencalok, tempoyak and a few other delicacies Malaysia are famous for. 

Some may say I am too Westernized but I never even live in any Western country more than 3 weeks. I was never a student outside of Malaysia or ever live outside of Malaysia. I have actually promised myself, I will live in Malaysia forever and if I am out of it is to experience culture out of it. And eat the food offered there.

So, my contribution to Malaysia, for now, other than what I have published and the businesses I help build, in my own small way, I am going to show the world what I have for lunch, every day, for 365 days. Even if it is just an apple (on days I am too lazy to go look for food) or Roti Sweetie (a filled bread Malaysians love to eat).

Here are some of those lunch I had in my lifetime :

For now, if you are interested, you can add me on Facebook and follow what I have for lunch here.

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