Monday, November 14, 2011

The Twitterjaya Wedding

So, Twitterjaya had a wedding over last weekend. What's so different about it from all those announcement on Twitter is that this wedding was made in Twitter nearly in total. The courting, the drama, the proposal and then the wedding itself.

The wedding was between @jud9e and @ritarita_ritz. A sailor and a personal assistant extraordinaire. They met exactly a year ago, courted and then the proposal happened in May. I know most of what transpired between them as the groom is a client and a friend. It wasn't a smooth ride but all that is in the past now. 

They were solemnised at 4.40pm on 11.11.11 at a small ceremony at the groom's house. The reception was held on 13.11.11 at Bangsar Seafood Restaurant hall. It was simple and beautiful. All thanks to a few friends like @elviza, @imShahidah, @jsadiq, @iamchakchibo and @auzani. I played a small part by being the usherer and we missed one part of the #Geng Kopi Mahal geng when @YouTiup as he was struck by a stomach bug.

Twitterjaya was well represented with so many people with the presence of notables like @zeffri, @MeTangere72, @2side, @SalawatiUni@titbiz, @smellykatemoss, @pualdidan, @limmengkeong, @KhairyKJ, @loveykatz, @citybasher and a few others.

Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu :

The place

The special table for #GKM
MCs ready for the wedding

The MC with friends
Twitterjaya people before the wedding starts
Catching up
Ready for the bride and groom
At the doorway
Streaming in


Makan beradab

Serenaded by Atilia
Dinner was served
Digging in

The moment of solemnization

Slide by bride's friends
Cake cutting

That's it....
Time for some photo ops

MC taking a bite
Orang kuats

Boy getting restless


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