Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three Seven and counting

Celebrated my birthday last week. A small affair like every year with just me and my wife. I don't harp about my birthday and actually hate celebrating it. However, my wife made it memorable all by herself. Here were the highlights :

Wife sent a balloon surprise early in the morning of my birthday

Wife brought me to dinner at Prime, a posh steakhouse in Hilton KL (she really knows my meat)

Wife took me to a spa the next day and we checked-in into JW Marriott KL where a cake awaited us
Had a tasteful dinner at a Luk Yu Tea House at Starhill Gallery
Drove back home on a rare sunny day at this time of the year
Had a simple lunch at home and spent 2 days holed up in the house

On Monday, was out in the newspaper in an article promoting my 1 and a half year book
Received a card from colleagues with sick sense of humour
All in all, I had a great birthday!!!

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