Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How has your Ramadhan 2010 been?

It is not actually Ramadhan 2010 but more of Ramadhan 1431. How has it been for everybody else? 

I have feast on so many good food (like always) that the supposed diet that comes with fasting didn't happened. 

Managed to attend only 1 buffet at a restaurant and that was due to my brother-in-law wanting to treat us to something nice.

Had a feast with a few social media and real life friends/clients at my office in the early day of Ramadhan.

Invited staff and a few friends to the house to taste my wife's cooking.

Managed to not 'ponteng terawikh' with the congregation at the surau in my housing area.

Basically, it was a good Ramadhan. And it is hard to say good bye to it but now, I just can't wait for Eid.

Have a great one everyone....

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