Monday, August 2, 2010

South Korean are crazier than us!

I thought when we are always complimented or more like commented by foreigners (mostly Westerners) that we are mad to always go out at night just to eat, we hold the record as a mad nation of eaters who just couldn't get enough of eating (and shopping). Every time I go to Europe or England when the only after hour activity is going to the local pub or theater (which finish at 11pm the most), I always think that we win hands down when it come to after-hour activity. Then, I had the chance to visit South Korea due to work last week.

I consider them as mad as us in having activities which people normally do during day-time. They have more than 10 malls at Dangdaemon which opens from 10.30am to 4.30am (Yes, that is right, until wee hour of the morning) and all shops are in full swing when I went into them at 2am. And yes, unlike us here in Malaysia, which have street vendors selling until 3am, they are in Malls with proper air-conditioned halls and most are 5-storeys  high.

The Dongdaemon area

One of the many malls which opens until late

Clothes being sold all over the malls

The opening and closing time of the mall (0430 hrs)

Buying ramen noodles at 2am

These Koreans are crazy!

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