Thursday, August 12, 2010

After 7 years on...

8th August 2010 - Our 7th years anniversary. It was just a quiet affair of sort for the 2 of us. I did rejected a few invites to events and meet-ups to make sure we spent it together.

How do we celebrate? 

We checked ourselves into a hotel in town, go eat at another hotel, went watch Cuci the Musical with another couple and then had another dinner at another delicious restaurant. We bought a matching something, something to commemorate our 7 years of being together. You will see what that something is when you meet us next.

Wagyu beef at Shook!, Starhill Gallery

Duck and Lychee Salad (which is surprisingly yummy) at Tamarind Hill

Why a quiet affair? We are planning a longer trip somewhere far on the second day of Eidul Fitri as a real getaway.

Consider it our umpteenth honeymoon....


  1. congratulations on your 7th anniversary! here's to many more years to come.
    Salam Ramadhan to you and your wife.

  2. Happy anniversary to u and yr wife.
    Jalan dan makan selagi boleh!
    Semoga berbahagia selalu.