Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A unique birthday cake for a unique birthday girl

My business partner celebrated her birthday on 1st of February and as a surprise, I asked my neighbour who is a prominent cake maker to bake a special cake. We were holding an event at the legal firm that day and it was an apt event to celebrate the birthday too.

It was supposed to be a replica of a lady's shoe but try as he might (yes, he is a man), he just couldn't make the shoe to stand as I asked her to use an image of a 4-inch stiletto I downloaded from website as a sample.

Finally, he called me and asked me whether I have an alternative as a substitute to the shoes. We did discussed beforehand when I commissioned him the cake. He did say that a handbag is easier to do than a shoe. I asked him to try then but as the time grows nearer, I finally relented and agree to a handbag cake.

So, the final product is the cake below which is delicious according to the birthday girl (I was too absorbed with the event that I forgotten to taste it). As the cake was a pro bono effort (which I really appreciate), I am promoting my friend who is open to taking order of such cake again.

Visit his blog site at : Wonderful Touch by Dill Cake

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