Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The serenity of Lodhi Garden, Delhi

They say Delhi is noisy, especially the Old Delhi where there are tricycles, autorickshaws, bicycles, cars, motorbikes, buses and let's not forget the people. It cannot be denied it is noisy and if you read my previous post, you can see a glimpse of it.

One other thing about Delhi, it is said to be dangerous to go out at night and there is no safe place at all. I beg to differ as although it is prudent to make sure you do not venture into unknown territory in Delhi, it is as safe or unsafe as any other city in the world.

There is this one garden in Delhi which I was quite amazed to exist in such a city. Lodhi Garden which is near where most embassies are in Delhi. It is on the way to the southern part of Delhi. It has ruins (there's so many of them in Delhi) which consist of a mosques, a few tombs and you can roam around freely without having to pay any entrance fee. It is not a world's haritage site but the ruins there are old. I don't know why there are so many tombs lying around in Delhi but it just shows how old India actually is. 

I was in Lodhi Garden during dusk while waiting for the time to go to the airport to catch my flight back to Malaysia at 11pm. The light was beautiful and as they were going to close the gates to the park at 8pm, they were still joggers, couples walking around, chai sellers offering drinks (I was tempted to have a drink but didn't dare to), cricket players, those who used it as a short-cut and you can see that it was a favorite place for people to laze around.

Here's the review of Lodhi Garden on Trip Advisor : Tripadvisor.com.my Lodi Gardens, New Delhi review

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