Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ANTARA GAPI : A Greater Klang Valley Alternative

There are no more cheap houses in the center of Klang Valley. Unless you consider houses priced at RM500,000-00 as cheap. Within my neighborhood in Shah Alam, where I bought my house for RM255,555-00 in 2004, the same housing developer have just launched a new phase where the house is just a few feet longer than mine, although with the same width, the price is set at RM580,000-00.

So, what is the next best solution to get an affordable house? The answer seems to be to look outside of Klang Valley or nowadays better known as the Greater Klang Valley, which term I believe derived from the other well known ‘Greater’ part of other more known city like Greater London and such. There were plans by the government to create greater Klang Valley which include the northern part, southern part and even the east and west side of the the Klang Valley. It looks like the areas like Banting and Klang or the east side towards the Titiwangsa  have more housing development activities than the sporadic development like in the north. Southern part is nearing the edge of the southern border of Selangor with university township of Bandar Baru Bangi have prices already going beyond the ‘affordable houses’ tag.

I was simply driving by around Serendah the other day when I came across Antara Gapi an upcoming township area. 
Antara Gapi's entrance


Some of the completed development within Antara Gapi
This housing area in the northern of Selangor is developed by Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor or better known as PKNS. PKNS is known to be more than just a housing developer. They seem to be well-known to build townships which include Kota Damansara, Bandar Baru Bangi and Shah Alam itself.

As I am a weekend hiker, I have always wanted to go to Serendah, which is a town quite near Antara Gapi. I was excited as I had actually planned to go to Serendah on one of the weekends within this year. As we passed the area between the exit of Bukit Beruntung and Serendah, I can see tranquil area where the words rolling hills and deep valley come to mind. As I reached the entry of Antara Gapi, I can still feel the same feeling. As Serendah is less than 10 minutes away, you can also enjoy the waterfall near there. Biking is also another option. There is also the Serendah golf course where you can either practice your golf swing or starts to pick up golf. So, just imagine if you live in Antara Gapi, other than living in a tranquil place, you can be healthier.

If you are looking for a place of convenience, Antara Gapi would be perfect for you. Just look at the place! It has so many infrastructures in place. You can consider the travel that you need to do either by highway, trunk roads or KTM Komuter is just a normal part of your life in order for you to get a better living condition. You may have to commute a bit but the fresh air and the weekend activities you can surround yourself can even make you live longer.

Their first few phases of houses launched by PKNS Antara Gapi has been sold off like hotcakes. And if you are interested, do keep Dahlia in mind. I find Dahlia really interesting and suitable for most people nowadays with its modern touch to its design. Also, if you don’t believe, here’s why I think Dahlia would be a great place for you and your family to grow:

Special characteristics of Dahlia Residence:
   Elegant residential homes with only 64 units available
   A wide frontage of 28 feet
   Spacious contemporary design with modern aesthetics 
   Cul-de-sac layout that encourages privacy

Feel free to learn more about Dahlia here ( or the other PKNS properties at their offial website. (

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