Thursday, October 21, 2010

AOC new wLED Razor

What a thin LED Monitor when I saw Miss Anli Chen Yi Ting, an actress from Taiwan who brought in the monitor for us to view it. It was as thin as Miss Anli herself, or is it thinner than her?

Anyway, a few mornings ago, we, the Advertlets bloggers, were invited to see the launch of wLED Razor, which is manufactured and marketed by AOC or Admiral Overseas Corporation, a US company which specialised in them. I actually never heard of them but it seems that they are the second most preferred brand in Asia Pacific this year and when I asked a friend who is a technophiles, he knows them quite well.

So, this new monitor is very thin and has a stunning Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 50 Million : 1. That is one stunning graphic to watch movies or play game in.

As for the pricing of the monitors, there is a choice of 18.5" at RM389, 20" at RM439, 21.5" at RM569 and the biggest size of 23" at RM599. More information can be found at

Here are some pictures of the monitor for you to judge for yourself :

Here are some pictures from the event :

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